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6 Rue Poinsot
75014 Paris
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Prik Thai - Poinsot

Gastronomic Restaurant
| Paris

The adventure of Prik Thai Restaurant has débutéen 2011 Avenue du Maine, in the heart of 14th, halfway between Alesia and Montparnasse.

We have, since February 2018, is pleased to welcome you on a deuxièmeadresse Rue Poinsot, closer to the station and the cultural activities of the 14th.

Nok offers you a map representing both the traditional specialties of Thai cuisine and the inventiveness of the recipes of Isan (North-East of Thailand), to make you discover recipes not widespread in the Thai restaurants of Paris .

Loïcvous offers a wine list that tries to combine Nok's cuisine, a subtle blend of flavors, spices and flavors, and the grape varieties of our regions.

The work on fresh products, without addition of synthetic perfume (glutamate), homemade dishes, prepared to order have allowed the Prik Thai to make a small place in an area renowned for its gastronomy.

We are happy to share this tasting adventure and the entire Prik Thai team is at your disposal to ensure you have the best time possible.

"Dare ...
Experiment with a journey of flavors and spices.
Be surprised by the combination of spicy gourmet cuisine and a carefully selected wine list.
Enjoy a unique culinary experience by discovering the traditional specialties of Northeast Thailand.
Spice up your meal.
Play to recognize the many aromatic herbs that will perfume your plate.
Learn to distinguish curry recipes.
Have the feeling of awakening your taste buds in contact with fresh products prepared on demand.
... discover the Prik Thai ... »

Nok and Loïc

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